Exhibitions & Events


Coming Soon – Exhibition at CasAle, Ripa ( Lu) Italy

Opening is on October 10, 2018

– https://www.facebook.com/events/1401461883290355/1401522689950941/?notif_t=admin_plan_mall_activity&notif_id=1537691918657120

In 2018 I will be having an exhibition at Trinity St. Paul’s Church and Gallery 1313 in Toronto in July and at CasAle in Tuscany, Italy from October to December.


Art gala Fundraiser West End Y Toronto on College St.

Pastel after Van Gogh’s Starry Night in Silent Auction

On Saturday March 3, 2018 I will be participating in the Art Gala at the West End Y.

There will be a silent auction to raise funds for the Y.

There will be eight artists featured.



Collective Exhibition “Universal Judgments”, Pietrasanta 7 October 2017

Collettiva "Giudizi Universali", Pietrasanta 7 ottobre 2017


Painters in the Square, Seravezza 30 septembre 2017

Pittori in Piazza, Seravezza 30 settembre 2017


Levigliani Wine Art Festival 5-6 agosto 2017

Levigliani Wine Art Festival 5-6 agosto 2017 – opere

Levigliani Wine Art Festival 5-6 agosto 2017 – brochure

Some pictures of my artwork at my current exhibition.
Collective Exhibition at La Seravezziana, v Roma, Seravezza

 mostra seravezza 2016
Exhibition and painting class for children of all ages. Mostra e Laboratorio di pittura per bambini e ragazzi a Seravezza.