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Fundraising with Portraits for Exhibition in Italy 2018


I’m currently raising funds for an exhibition of my artwork in October in Tuscany, Italy which is entitled ” Il filo rosso” or The Red Thread.


While the exhibition will showcase a variety of my work, an important component will be an art work inspired by my experience with cancer.  A large canvas will show a multitude of faces all who have been touched by cancer.

These will be cancer survivors, loved ones who have died of cancer, family members, caretakers, oncology specialists, cannabis activists and more! I will draw portraits of people who have been touched by cancer on my i-pad. Using my i-pad which will give the image a graphic quality and allow both the sitter and myself to have a copy of the portrait.

Anybody who has been touched by cancer can have their portrait done by (non compulsory) donation. These portraits will be done on my iPad so the sitter and I will both have a copy. The sitter must sign a waiver which will allow me free use and copyright of this image to be reproduced for exhibition purposes.


I am grateful for the community I have experienced at Gilda’s Club in Toronto whose objective is to support people with cancer, family members and the bereaved so that no one experiencing cancer will have to do it alone. Although the members come from different social, political and economic backgrounds, our stories, shared during courses and seminars, has created commonality, friendship and unity. I hope to show this sense of diversity and community through the photographic collage of my drawings of 108 people who have had cancer or who have had loved ones with this disease. By showing our connectedness and humanity, I hope to illustrate the tragic impact on families and friends when our loved ones are taken from us before their time.


Additional fundraising activities include selling my earlier artwork below cost and an exhibition in Trinity St. Paul’s Church in July.

Thank you for considering this project.



Fundraising with Portraits

Donations and Arrangements

There is no requirement to donate for people suffering from cancer, survivors of cancer or caregivers.

The portrait will be drawn on an I-pad. Drawing on my i-pad allows both myself and the subject to have a digital copy.

If the member agrees, they will sign a waiver which will allow me free use and copyright of this image to be reproduced for exhibition purposes.


For a minimum donation of $25.00, the image can be emailed to you can be used for personal use. The artist retains copyright to the image.

For a further donation an art quality print can be made on paper or stretched canvas.

Price depending on size and materials.


Arrangements can also be made for portraits done in pastel in a more private setting.


Donations can be made in cash, by Interac or Paypal to:


Fundraising is being done to cover exhibition costs for Barbara Craig’s exhibition in Tuscany, Italy in October.