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A political refugee in the time of Covid 19


September 24th, 2021


My journey started many lifetimes ago. Recently I find myself being able to do things that I haven’t done for lifetimes. It is time for many of us to remember the special skills we have in this dark time for humanity. They may be subtle things, little things but they make a difference in our evolution and quest for freedom.

Now that we are collectively in crisis, I have decided to go public with my political views in the hope that I can make a difference and keep a record of these turbulent times.

I am a teacher and for some reason, one of the areas hardest hit with this new political dogma is education. In some countries, like Italy which was my home for more than 20 years, it is not possible to have a different opinion and keep your job as a teacher. Perhaps, some people could have managed it last year if they put aside their own personal values in order to follow the new dogma of social distancing, mask wearing, vaccines and remote digital learning. This year, if you are a teacher and you decide not to get vaccinated or enroll in the “Green Pass” for work, you will lose your job. Some choose the easy route and get vaccinated, without proper knowledge of the risks of the current “vaccine.” They are sleep walking to their own doom.

Now I find myself in the United States, re-united with patriots, family members and old friends, no longer able to visit Canada, the country of my birth because they are instigating the vaccine passport there as well.

I have met some wonderful people, willing to help me just because I stand in my integrity, not wanting to be responsible for child abuse or get “vaccinated,” not believing in the Vaccination Passport which is the same in concept as the Green card created by the fascists in Italy prior and during the Second World War.

I am a political refugee, even with dual citizenship, I have not yet been able to find safety or sanity in a place that I can actually legally live or reside. So am travelling from place to place, searching for a job that will sponsor me so that I can stay in the US and be close to my family. I long to live in a place where the majority believe in freedom and know when their rights are being violated, not in a place where people blindly follow the regulations which infringe on their rights.

It is appalling and mind boggling that this continues and so many people are hypnotized into believing the status quo. We who have awakened or are in the process of awakening are hoping that somethings changes before it is too late.

The vaccine will kill you slowly or quickly. The agenda is not to save you or make you safe but to control your every move and thought, to know where you are at all times. The agenda is transhumanism, we are on the road to being robots, without the capacity of critical thinking, emotional intelligence or communication and/ or the capacity to be human. We have already frighteningly started this transformation away from our own connection to source and our own soul.

Many years ago, in my journey of personal healing, I began to reconnect to the earth and the heavens, getting back into my body through my spiritual practice. I had endured trauma and abuse and my coping mechanism was to disconnect from my body, to be slightly out. This is a strategy used by abuse and trauma survivors to disconnect from their pain in order to survive. Because of the personal work in my own personal healing, I was able to reconnect to source and my own spiritual connection can no longer be severed.

My life is currently a life of service to the forces of light and those who are working for planetary liberation.