Travel Blog 2021

  Diary of a Traveler – In Flight   A political refugee in the time of Covid 19   September 24th, 2021   My journey started many lifetimes ago. Recently I find myself being able to do things that I haven’t done for lifetimes. It … Continue readingTravel Blog 2021

Happy Easter!

Barbara’s “Easter” or “ Three Crosses” watercolour painting is a copy of Rudolf Steiner’s which was painted in April 1924. It illustrates the Mystery of Golgotha, and the victory of the spirit as opposed to the suffering Christ that we see in most depictions of … Continue readingHappy Easter!

Welcome to my site.

This is my new website … still under construction. Updates will continue day by day! You can contact me at: +39  320 041 5918 >> EVENTS CALENDAR – September 2016